O-Products is proud to present a new sex machine in our collection from Hismith Premium which is of high quality with a quiet engine and only weighs 10 kilograms.


With this small tough sex machine you reach unprecedented orgasms. Experience hours of fun, alone or with your partner!

With the standard supplied remote control, which is attached to the machine with a cable, you can easily set the speed of the machine. With just one turn of the knob, you can move from hard to soft penetration. The sex machine can be placed in numerous positions (90° degrees angle) and can penetrate 6 cm 120 times per minute with the included penis of 17 cm.


On this machine there are a variaty of possible NEW attachments (none of these attachments are standard included):

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/spring-connector.html Attachment with the advantages of the movements of a spring to connect the included dildo on

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/double-quick-connector.html Attachment to attach 2 dildo's

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/suction-cup-adapter.html You can apply all suction cup dildo's on this attechment of all brands and sizes

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/extension-bar-30-cm.html extension attachment of 30 cm

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/vac-u-lock-black.html Attachment to attach all Vac-u-lock dildo's 

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/double-vac-u-lock-black.html Attachment to attach 2 dildo's at the same time for all Vac-u-lock dildo's

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/vac-u-lock-extension-30-cm.html 30 cm long extension attachment to attach all Vac-u-lock dildo's

https://oproducts.eu/new-products/pocket-pussy-attachment.html Pocket Pussy attachment