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  1. New Products: Kiotos Pro Whips

    We are happy to announce our new Pro Whip series under our brand Kiotos Leather.

    These new professional whips will be our most high quality and deluxe professional whips to date. 

    The polished steel, craftsman made handle and looks directly give you the feeling of holding a crafted tool.


    Please check them out in our "New Products" categorie or

    Or enter the article codes of these products in Search:

    134-KIO-264  134-KIO-263  134-KIO-262  134-KIO-261  134-KIO-260  134-KIO-259  134-KIO-258  134-KIO-257

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  2. New Products: 8 Kiotos X items

    Please check our "Kiotos X" brand categorie for 8 new Kiotos X items.

    Or enter the article codes of these products in Search:

    OPR-2050038  OPR-2050037  OPR-2050036  OPR-2050035  OPR-2050034  OPR-2050033  OPR-2050032  OPR-2050031 



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  3. Pixey Recharge Black Edition

    The latest edition to the Pixey Family is wireless and rechargeable; the Pixey Recharge Black Edition!

    Experience the power of Pixey with an unbelievable 8000 RPM in a new compact design. Charge the wand by plugging in the USB adapter.

    When the LED lights up green, the Pixey Recharge Black Edition is fully charged (about 1 hour charging time).

    The wand will last at least 30 minutes when used at the highest speed.

    Use the jog wheel to increase the vibration speed and experience an intense pleasure!


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  4. Product price changes per 01-02-2020

    From 01-02-2020 there will be product price changes

    The changes will occur in the following brands and categories:


    Pixey - Except the Pixey Deluxe



    Kiotos Leather

    Kiotos X

    Chisa Toys

    XR products from the XR-brand (This is not an official brand on our website)

    Small amount of products in the "Pharmacy" categorie





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  5. New Products: 6 Kiotos COX models

    6 New models of the Kiotos COX brand

    Check them out in the "New Products" categorie or go to the Kiotos COX brand

    These are the article numbers in case you want to manually search these products:

    OPR-3070072  OPR-3070071  OPR-3070070  OPR-3070069  OPR-3070068  OPR-3070067

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  6. New Products: 44 BDSM items

    44 New BDSM Products on our website.

    Please check out the "New Products" categorie to view them. 

    Here's an overview of the products if you want to view them individually:


    OPR-321035 Classic Paddle Black
    OPR-321007 Long Black & Red Whip
    OPR-321006 Long Black & White Whip
    OPR-321010 Mahogany Red & White Flogger
    OPR-321052 2 Twist Cups Black XL
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  7. December holidays opening hours information

    During the upcoming holidays you can continue placing orders as usual.

    Please keep in mind to order on time due to extremely busy times for parcel all companies the upcoming weeks, shipments could also be delayed during this time of the year.


    Our office and warehouse will be closed on the following days:

    December 25th, 26th, 27th  & January 1st

    December 24th  & 31st  we will close at 12:00 AM

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  8. New Products: 14 Steel items

    Please check our "New Products" categorie for 14 new steel products!

    Or enter the article codes of these products in Search:

    OPR-3330047 OPR-3330046 OPR-3330045 OPR-3330044 OPR-3330043 OPR-3330042 OPR-3330041 OPR-3330040 OPR-3330039

    OPR-3330038 OPR-3330037 OPR-3330036 OPR-3330035 OPR-3330034

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  9. New Brand: Langloys. For him and her

    Check out our new brand: Langloys

    For him and her

    Great great packaging! Very nice luxury golden/black boxes!

    Vibrators, vibrating buttplugs, prostate vibrator and a wand! Multiple colors!


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  10. New Products: My First rechargeable vibrators

    7 New models of the My First vibrator line.

    All models are in 2 different colors 

    Elegant and rechargeable new vibrators, rechargeable via USB

    Check them out here:



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