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Retour & Service EN

- Al our products leave our warehouse in perfect condition. Defects in the packaging should be reported within 7 days. You can report this to your account manager at O-Products B.V.

- If your shipment has damage on the outside or if it has been opened / resealed, you should file a claim with the delivery company on the time of delivery. Make sure the delivery guy acknowledges the problem and records it. 

- Save the original boxes and packaging material for inspection of the delivery company. Please notify us as soon as possible of the situation. We will handle the claim from there.

- Defect products or products with a production error can be traded within 6 months from the time of purchase. This is on condition that the products are unused or well cleaned for hygenical reasons.

- The costs of returning a shipment of our products belong to the buyer.

- We only accept returned products if you fill in our retour-form. You are expected to send the products to O-Products B.V after filling in this form.